Houses of Worship

Video systems are the fastest growing technology trend in houses of worship today. Some examples of the many uses of these systems include:

  • Limited visibility features of church services, such as baptisms, can be viewed by the entire congregation via video camera and projected image.
  • Multimedia software which projects hymns on a large screen.
  • Video recordings of services.
  • Video presentations by church charity & mission groups.
  • Movies for youth ministry groups.

Entertainment Venues

Video systems are becoming a key component in many venues for entertainment. Pubs, casinos, and nightclubs often use video to enhance the experience for their clientelle.


Digital Signage has become increasingly popular in retail over the last few years.  from a simple menu board, to interactive displays, video and retail is a rapidly expanding industry.

Pacific Audio Works can provide a full range of video products including digital video projectors, fixed & motorized projection screens, video cameras, flat panel monitors & televisions, switching & editing equipment, mounts, cables & wiring.