Acoustic & Media System Consulting

The performance of a media system and the acoustic signature of the space are perceived to be one to the listener. An acoustic and/or media consultation process is ideally a vessel for transferring the concepts and practical needs of the final user into working options. These options can then be reviewed by the client, allowing him/her to make decisions based on valid design alternatives. We feel that as consultants, our intent should be made to set and meet the expectations of our clients precisely.

Pacific Audio Works has the knowledge, tools and experience to provide a broad range of media integration consulting services. A typical consulting project will likely involve a combination of some of the tasks provided below.

Feasibility Study

    • Acoustic computer modeling – provides designer with acoustic signature of environment.
    • Acoustic treatment analysis.
    • Model speaker system for sound coverage, accurate frequency range, sound pressure level, speech intelligibility, etc.
    • Site survey and user group interviews.
    • Photometric data analysis (Lighting and Video integration)
    • Preliminary functional system design.
    • System diagrams – schematic, block, etc.
    • System financial analysis.

Functional Preparation

    • Networking with other trades: electricians, rigging, structural engineers, acoustic material installers, finishing millwork.
    • Review structural, logistic and aesthetic details with architect.

Project Management

    • Coordination and management of system installation and associated trades.
    • Inspection and testing.
    • Operator training and operation manual.
    • User support.

Pacific Audio Works uses specially designed acoustic modeling software to assist us in our engineering process. Computer model design creates an accurate simulation of the acoustic environment of a given space. This model allows the design engineer to analyze the acoustic effect resulting from changes to room surfaces. Using this process, alternatives such as the installation of acoustic materials or architectural changes can be determined.

Computer modeling also takes the guess work out of sound system design by ensuring that a system will compliment the acoustic signature of a given space. It adds a cost effective element to many designs as it provides an accurate representation of the quantity of components needed for quality sound reproduction…. In other words: You get what you need and it works!

Pacific Audio Works is one of a very few exclusive firms in Canada that has access to the BOSE Auditioner Aural Listening Workstation. The Auditioner is a premium design tool which provides a “next step” beyond system modeling software, enabling both client and engineer to actually hear how a space will sound.

Arbitrary listening points can be chosen within an acoustic computer model and the listener can hear how sound reaches that those points.